As the name implies, GSB is a game-server browser -- that is, an application used to navigate the ever-growing list of game servers that one might join.

There are an extreme number of games available, most of which feature fantastic and intense gameplay. However, it seems that many software publishers focus only on the gameplay, and ignore important but auxillary features -- the in-game server browser, for one!

GSB is installed on your system and detects the games that it supports. If found, your games automatically show up, and you browse through the exact same servers, just through a much better interface. GSB aims to do more than just browse lists of game servers -- you can current watch for buddies, monitor servers, administer servers via a remote console, manage player identities, and much more. See the About page for more details.

Development for GSB stopped in 2007, but the code for it was released in 2010 as an open source project.  I'd like to see the project take off again with added community involvement.


RControls is a project targeted at providing a suite of native Win32 controls to provide various analytical functions.  The most significant component, RPlot2D, aims to provide fiexible 2D strip chart capabilities.  Features including multiple Y and X axes, various line, point, and fill styles, as well as effective mouse and keyboard interactivitiy.  The project consists of several components:

Development for RControls is slow going, based on time and need.  But, features will continue to be added over time.

2007 FIRST Game

Back in 2007, I was involved in a FIRST Robotics team.  That year, the team's goal was to design and build a robot to place colored pool innertubes onto a rack placed in the center of the game field.  The location and pattern of the game pieces was used to determine the team's score.  At the time, I put this tool together to help myself and the team to determine what patterns would provide the highest scoring values.


Over time, I've compiled a group of small applications that have proven to be useful when developing and troubleshooting other applications.  This application contains these tools in a single place.

More applications will likely be added over time.


ScreenScripter is a highly-customizable screensaver. ScreenScripter provides a framework for building simple or complex screen savers through an easy-to-use scripting interface. ScreenScripter performs all the necessary steps to get your script on screen -- it reads your script, interprets your instructions, and displays the result on the screen in real-time.  ScreenScripter started off as a school project, but has continue to exist and evolve over time, at a slow pace.

ScreenScripter uses boost::spirit to implement a parser generator, then parses the script you've entered to display the content on the screen.  More details, including descriptions of the instructions available, are at the below URL.